Conditions of Use

Payment Terms

Costs related to the purchase of goods and shipping will appear in the checkout process before executing the actual payment. At you can pay with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or from your online bank. All prices are quoted in EURO.

We use PayPal. The safest payment solution online. NB! You do not have to have your own PayPal account to pay. You choose "guest" and pay with your credit card.

Do you wish to pay directly from your bank? Do the following:

At checkout, select "Cash on delivery". Note the sum and pay in your bank account to account no. 9526.10.04357. Use the "Message to Recipient". Note with name or email but in most cases we see the orders that are paid in total.

Once payment is registered on our account we send the goods.

The buying process

Login with username and password. Is this your first time visiting you will be guided to make a one-time registration. Eventually you will get a receipt and an order confirmation will be sent to your email.

For more information, please call: 45099282.
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